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Up Close With the introduction of Android

Android is the operating system for mobile phones based on Linux. Android provides an open platform to developers for creating their own applications for use by a variety of mobile devices. Initially, Google Inc.. bought Android Inc.., newcomers who make software for mobile phones. Then to develop Android, formed the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 34 companies for hardware, software, and telecommunications, including Google, HTC, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, T-Mobile, and Nvidia.

At the inaugural release of Android, 5 November 2007, with the Open Handset Alliance Android states support the development of open standards on mobile devices. On the other hand, Google released the Android code under the Apache license, a license software and open standard mobile device.

In this world there are two types of distributors operating system Android. The first fully supported by Google or Google Mail Services (GMS) and the second is completely free distribution without direct support Google’s otherwise known as the Open Handset Distribution (OHD).

In July 2000, Google works with Android Inc.., A company located in Palo Alto, California United States. The founders of Android Inc.. working at Google, among them Andy Rubi, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. At that time many consider the functions of Android Inc.. just as software on mobile phones. Since then the rumors that Google is about to enter the mobile phone market. In company Google, a team led by Rubin served to develop a program of mobile devices supported by the Linux kernel. This shows an indication that Google is preparing for a competition in the mobile phone market. android latest version of version 3.0. Android also has joined with some smart mobile such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and others.

Around September 2007 a study reported that Google filed a patent application mobile phone (Google finally introduced the Nexus One, one type of smart phone that uses Android operating system. This mobile phone manufactured by HTC Corporation and is available in the market on January 5, 2010).

On December 9, 2008, announced the new members who join the work program Android ARM Holdings, Atheros Communications, manufactured by Asustek Computer Inc., Garmin Ltd., Softbank, Sony Ericsson, Toshiba Corp., and Vodafone Group Plc. Along the formation of the Open Handset Alliance, OHA announced their first product, Android, the mobile device which is a modified Linux kernel 2.6. Since Android was released has been carried out various reforms in the form of bug fixes and adding new features.

The first phone using Android operation system is the HTC Dream, which was released on October 22, 2008. At the end of the year 2009 is expected in this world there are at least 18 types of mobile phones that use Android.

1. Android version 1.1

On March 9, 2009, Google released the Android version 1.1. Android version is equipped with an aesthetic update to the application, alarm clock, voice search (search sound), sending messages to Gmail, and email notification.

2. Android version 1.5 (Cupcake)

In mid-May 2009, Google re-released mobile phone using Android and the SDK (Software Development Kit) with version 1.5 (Cupcake). There are several updates including the addition of several features in mobile version is the ability to record and watch videos with the camera mode, upload video to Youtube and images to Picasa directly from the phone, A2DP Bluetooth support, the ability to automatically connect to a Bluetooth headset, animated display, and on-screen keyboard that can be adjusted with the system.

3. Android version 1.6 (Donut)

Donut (version 1.6) was released in September by displaying the search process better than before, the use of battery indicator and control applet VPN. Another feature is the gallery that allows users to select which photos will be deleted; cameras, camcorders and galleries dintegrasikan; CDMA / EVDO, 802.1x, VPN, Gestures, and Text-to-speech engine; contacts dial capability; technological change text to speech (not available on all phones; procurement VWGA resolution.

4. Android version 2.0/2.1 (Eclair)

On December 3, 2009 re-launched Android phones with version 2.0/2.1 (Eclair), changes made ​​was the optimization of hardware, improved Google Maps 3.1.2, change the UI with a new browser and support for HTML5, a new list of contacts, support for camera flash third , 2 MP, digital zoom, and Bluetooth 2.1.

To move quickly in the competition next generation devices, Google held a competition to invest with the best mobile applications (killer apps – the application of superior). This competition with prizes $ 25,000 for each selected application developers. The competition was held over two stages of each step of the selected 50 best applications.

With the growing and increasingly growing number of Android handsets, the more interested third parties to distribute their applications to the Android operating system. Well-known applications have been transformed into the Android operating system is Shazam, Backgrounds, and WeatherBug. Android operating system in the Internet site was also considered important to create native Android applications, for example by MySpace and Facebook.

5. Android version 2.2 (Froyo: Frozen Yoghurt)

On May 20, 2010, the Android version 2.2 (Froyo) was launched. The changes are generally against previous versions include support for Adobe Flash 10.1, speed performance and application of 2 to 5 times faster, integration V8 JavaScript engine that used Google Chrome to accelerate the rendering capabilities of the browser, the installation of an application in the SD Card, WiFi capabilities Hotspot portable, and the ability to auto update in Android Market application.

6. Android versi 2.3 (Gingerbread)

On December 6, 2010, the Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread) was launched. General changes obtained from the Android version include increased capacity to the game (gaming), an increase in copy and paste function, the display interface (User Interface) redesigned, VP8 video format support and WebM, new audio effects (reverb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost), support the ability of Near Field Communication (NFC), and the support of more than one camera.


Settings plate in kangaroo country more simple anymore. At the plate, there are 3 letters and 3 numbers in front free encyclopedia behind. Why, continue to identify how it come from? How to identify the Australian plate with America, namely with the model and the mode of the plate. Apart from Australia and the United States, the European Union also introduced a system of this pattern to identify the country of origin.

For the British plate, quite complicated. It consists of the pattern identification in front of EU countries, followed by 2-letter code for the state of origin, followed by two digits to identify the vehicles age and ends 3 letters free. What makes this complicated is the 2-letter code in front. Why there are 2 letters? Because the first letter is the identification of the state, and the last letter to the identification of areas / regions.

When viewed, it seems simple. But for those who do not understand the writing jepag, would trouble to read it. I myself was also quite confused. But it seems enough to understand to those described Bang Wiki. So, writing like this. Above is the original kanji office which issued, followed by vehicle class. In the bottom row there hiragana letters followed by 4 digits divided by 2 with a dash. Until now I am still confused, until this paper is also quite disconnected.


Cutting hours of sleep with a reason to complete the task or solve curious to watch your favorite DVDs bad for health. The time you spend with awake late at night can not be paid for by sleeping longer on weekends.

Studies from Brigham and Women Hospital in Boston showed that long-term effects of sleep disorders, for example due to the night shift or studying for exams for a few days or weeks, can not be paid only to one or two nights sleep.

“Many people think that they can quickly replace a chronic sleep debt with only a day or two sleep soundly. Yet these beliefs wrong,” says researcher Daniel Cohen, MD, quoted by WebMD site. Effects of this chronic sleep deprivation, bright Cohen, will still haunt and ruin your performance when awake.

Researchers found that long sleep a night can hide the effects of sleep disturbance and restore performance to normal levels. However, this effect is only temporary time, lasted approximately six hours after waking. Furthermore, the performance will again deteriorate. In addition, the longer you awake more and more mistakes due to fatigue that will happen.

“Those who sleep less during work or school and try to cover drawback to sleep on the weekend might not realize that they’re piling chronic sleep debt,” said researcher Elizabeth Klerman. It is, further Klerman, could trigger a dangerous condition, such as sudden sleepiness while driving or riding to work at night.

In a study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers asked participants to reduce the nine hours of sleep. They only slept for 5.6 hours per day for three weeks. Results showed that although participants to replace those with sleep disorders sleeping one night long for 10 hours, the long-term effects of sleep disturbance persists.

Participants with chronic sleep debt experience performance problems when waking, so they are vulnerable to making mistakes and having accidents, especially late at night. For example, when the sleep debt increases, the performance in the test reaction time was also getting worse.

Digital Cameras

Pocket Cameras (Point and Shoot Camera)

Camera Point and Shoot Camera those most widely used because of easy use and relatively inexpensive. This camera is designed for those who are less like the manual controls or in other words completely automatic. This camera has an attractive facility, among others.

1. Optical zoom
That image enlargement facilities conducted by a combination of repositioning the lens.

2. Digital zoom
That is the image magnification failitas done digitally. This process is actually just a process of enlargement crooping and using the camera’s internal software. Zoom has resulted in blurred images (blur).

3. Resolution up to 3.1 mega pixels.
Media scene can be a conventional lens. LCD, or a combination of both

Semi Professional Digital Cameras

The camera has a lot of this type designation, among other prosumer digital cameras and advanced camera. Giving the name associated with function and a unique target market. This camera is designed for those who want troubled by setting the diaphragm and the other talismans of photographic techniques.

With this camera they can set the distance manually and zooming mode or even the macro facility is very helpful in obtaining quality images and the desired effect. In general, the advantages of digital cameras of this class is the standard lens used, namely 35 mm lens.

These lenses are similar to a standard lens on an analog SLR camera, but with special designs tailored to the characteristics of digital cameras. Other technical advantages of manual and automatic control at the focus, aperture, speed and lens opening. Resolution camera of this class is between 3.1 megapixel to 5.1 megapixels. The offers complete facilities make this camera very attractive, as well as being the most popular among all classes of digital cameras.

Digital Camera SLR (Single Lens Reflex)

Possessed the lowest resolution digital SLR camera (Single Lens Reflex) is a 5.1 megapixel camera. Just as on an analog SLR camera, digital SLR camera also has the best image quality because it uses an optical lens and manual control systems. In addition to that given in the manual control, this camera also has automatic control system which is assisted by micro-processor is quite sophisticated.

This SLR-type digital cameras, as well as analog SLR camera, also uses a lens that can be removed and replaced with a lens diameter larger or smaller as needed. In addition, the placement of buttons and basic functions of these two digital cameras are not much different. The basic components of this camera can be seen in the picture. There are 2 things to consider in using a digital SLR camera, the lens and flash.

Blackbery now has many brand-brand integration with HP, one of them is Nokia. With a blackberry you will easily receive, read, and send a proper e-mail on mobile phone SMS. Yaa such as push e-mail … And so is this how its history blackberry huh?

Blackberry was first introduced in 1997 by a Canadian company, Research In Motion (RIM). Founded by a Greek immigrant in the city of Waterloo, Canada. Blackbery Excellence is having a very bersabahat appearance and can always connect, so wherever you are, you can always access email (currently Facebook, blogging, etc etc) ..

The founder of Research in Motion, Mike Lazaridis was born in Turkey, building a record player at age DSi Lego 4 (four) years, a radio at the age of 5 (five) years, and enrolled at the University of Waterloo. He chose to drop out after winning a contract worth 560 thousand U.S. dollars. I wonder why successful people average college drop out?

FIRST, called POCKET LINK BlackBerry want a name that is functional but boring, then also called STRAWBERRY ALMOST, because similar to strawberries, but it seemed too tame. So-called BLACKBERRY, a familiar name but smart.

The following year after making pengembangkan RIM BlackBerry issue with a touch more to the model such as the current model. Dimension screen has increased two fold and can display 6 to 8 lines so much easier in the use of writing and reading the messages conveyed. Addition of internal memory also added a 2-fold from 4MB to 8MB in previous models are integrated in it and bury the memory of 512KB SRAM (memory) to 1 full megabyte. Features in unggulkan then able to sync up to 10 personal or business email that can be upgraded. From then on the BlackBerry from RIM continues to develop the technology and model that will work as a genius in the future.

Blackberry has become a phenomenon. Various people have these gadgets for different reasons, do not care about it as needed or not.

WHAT Blackberry yes it? If allowed to cite Wikipedia, Blackberry is a wireless communications device which supports push e-mail facilities, internet, phone, SMS, all in one tool. Blackberry is a brand created by a Canadian company, Research in Motion.

Initially, the Blackberry is used for two-way pager in 1999. Blackberry has entered the Indonesian market for more than three years ago. However, initially focusing on corporate, is now exploring new retail markets. So far, more than 50 types of Blackberry that have been and will be circulating in the world.

Then, what great Blackberry? Why the last few months it sounded so often, so popular? Starting from businessmen, officials, celebrities, up to high school students seem to have or want to have a Blackberry for different reasons do not care about it as needed or not. Number of users of the Blackberry service in Indonesia is estimated that Southeast Asia’s largest and number four in the world!

Let us discuss the technical aspects. From a technical standpoint, the benefits of the Blackberry is on two things, at least in my opinion. First is the ability to file compression. The meaning is, each data entry / exit of the Blackberry handheld experience in server file size reduction Blackberry.

Compression works smoothly and is not visible. It makes the Blackberry feels ‘a little’ faster Internet speeds although depending on the operator and location. That’s because the amount of data that is sent to be much less.
Second, the battery life. Many argued that the Blackberry was wasteful batteries, but if we bandingakan with non-Blackberry handheld which we also enable Internet constantly, the Blackberry is still superior to nearly 25%. With excessive use, the Blackberry can survive on the internet connected condition continues for a full day.

Many non-technical benefits can be denied. Starting from the ease of use, statement of social status, fast, up to cost savings by replacing SMS chat. But it’s all relative, depending on the subjective assessment of each user. If we consider each individual’s perspective, can we discuss this possible until finally the Blackberry out of date.
Blackberry user dependency levels is enormous. Until there is a saying ‘Blackberry is far and away closer to a close, the Blackberry is heaven for business owners, but hell for employees’, to terms like krackberry who was crowned word of the year award in 2007.

Looks like an orange peel cellulite is commonly found in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Cellulite Solutions In the book, its author Helen Foster says that diet is one solution to ‘fight’ cellulite. That means, by adjusting the diet, you can fight the excess fluid, fat deposits, and free radicals.

If the cancer can be prevented only by taking into account the intake of food (the research shows about 40% of cancer can be prevented by adjusting the diet), why not cellulite? Follow these steps and note the change in appearance on the thighs, stomach, and your buttocks.

Step 1
The first step you need to do, certainly to gurangi excess body weight. Doctor Fiastuti Witjaksono, MSc. the SEAMEO-TROPMED FKUI suggest first – first to calculate the ideal weight according to the formula Body Mass Index (BMI), the ‘weight’ (BB) in kg divided by ‘height’ in square meters. For example, your body weight 48 kg, height 160 cm. Thus, BMI = 48: (1.6) 2 = 48: 2.56 = 18.75. Then, match with the table below.

Lack of weight <18.5
Normal 18.5 -22.9
Overweight 23 to 24.9
Obesity rate of 1 25 to 29.9
Obesity level 2> = 30

Measure the waist circumference as well. For women, the limit is below 80 cm. After that, match with your activity level according to the daily chart below to determine calorie needs banan.

Fat 25 cal / ideal body weight 30 cal / ideal body weight 35 cal / BB ideal
Normal 30 cal / BB Ideal 35 cal / ideal body weight 40 cal / BB idea
Skinny 35 cal / ideal body weight 40 cal / BB ideally 40-50 cal / BB ideal

If you experience problems overweight or confused how to ‘translate’ in the menu the calorie count of inmates, consult a physician nutrition specialist to obtain a clear explanation.

Step 2

Automatic high in calories or fat. As information, after consuming 300 kcal of sugar, the amount of free radicals in the body will increase 140%. Sugar makes the collagen fibers in artery or blood vessel hardening. As a result, circulation slows.

In an instant, the two types of these fats can double the amount of free radicals. Saturated fats are commonly found in animal products, such as meat, butter, and full-fat dairy products. While the trans fat in margarine. Limit the number below 30% of daily energy intake. For saturated fat, no more than 10%.

3. Caffeine
In small amounts, it will facilitate the circulation and metabolism. Limit only one cup of coffee or tea every three hours and not more than two or three cups a day.

4. Refined carbohydrates
Contained in white sugar, rice, pasta, or white bread. Refined carbohydrates causes the body to suddenly get a flood of glucose. The body tries to balance it with the release of insulin, which makes glucose stored as fat. This is what fat. Begin eating complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, bran-based cereals, or wholemeal wheat-free pasta.

As a result, the body will eliminate excess salt by retaining fluid in the body. The result is cellulite. World Health Organization (World Health Organization (WHO) recommends salt consumption of no more than 5 grams per day.

Step 3
1. Beans and peas
Rich in fiber and contain few nutrients. For example, potassium, which helps overcome the problem of excess fluid, protein, and calcium.

2. Nuts
For example, peanuts, cashews, almonds, and Brazil nuts. High-protein, vitamin E, which can help facilitate the circulation, and monounsaturated fatty acids that help the body burn fat.

3. Oat cereal
Content of antioxidants and fiber as both a fat burner and makes you energetic throughout the day.

4. Avocado
This fruit is high in calories. However, containing essential fatty acids that are good for skin health. Also contains vitamin E and beta-sitosterol, fiber, which helps overcome the problem of cholesterol.

5. Banana
Contains potassium and vitamin B6, which is beneficial to overcome the problem of excess fluid in the body.

6. Pineapple
Has anti-inflammatory benefits and help repair damaged collagen fibers. In addition, also contain vitamin C.

7. Pears
Useful as detoxification, pears contain iodine (a mineral that helps stimulate a slow metabolism), fiber, and potassium.

8. Watermelon
Contains lycopene (an antioxidant), potassium, and fiber are useful facilitate digestion.

9. Citrus fruits
For example, sweet orange, lemon, or grapefruit. A medium orange has 80 mg of vitamin C (twice the recommended intake), which is useful for forming collagen fibers. Methoxyhted Also contains bioflavonoids, which are useful expedite circulation and strengthen capillaries.

10. Asparagus
Strengthens veins and capillaries and helps control blood pressure. Also contains glutathione, which are detoxification enzymes and free radical fighter.

11. Onion and garlic
Kitchen spice is easily included in every dish. Contents include sulfur (helps overcome the ill effects of exposure to free radicals), vitamin C and E.

12. Broccoli
Contains alpha lipoic acid (prevents hardening of collagen), selenium (maximize vitamin C, E, and beta carotene), and calcium.

13. Low-fat beef
Not always animal products should be shunned. Choose low-fat. Beef contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). which serves to burn fat. Iron also keep you energetic, especially for sports.

14. Chicken
One of the best sources of protein, provided you do not eat the skin. Also contains iron and vitamin B complex.

15. Fish
Species of fish such as salmon, tuna, or mackerel contain essential fatty acids and prostaglandins (help expedite circulation).

16. Eggs
In the body, will form a sulfur-based components that help the detoxification process and reduce the amount of free radicals.

17. Semi-skimmed milk and low-fat cheese
Rich in calcium and CLA to assist the process of fat burning and muscle formation.

Step 4

1. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables every day
One serving is equivalent to one slice (250 g) large-sized fruit such as watermelon, one medium size fruit such as apples or oranges, or two tablespoons of vegetables. In order not to get bored, try to vary the cooking methods, such as boiled, steamed, or stir-fry. For fruit, you can also consume them as a salad.

2. Eating some types of protein sources, at least three times a day
Helps stabilize blood sugar levels longer than if you just mertg-carbohydrate consumption. Making you avoid cravings for sweet foods. Choose low-fat, such as skinless chicken, fish, low-fat dairy products, beans, or red meat that has been defatted.

3. Eat five or six times a day
Eat three meals a day it will cause psychological hunger. You better eat in greater frequency, but with smaller portions. If you still feel hungry afterwards, remember that you will eat two hours later.

4. Drink plenty of caffeine-free drinks
Every day, drink eight glasses of water or one quart of water. It may also try herbal tea.

1. Rachel Ray

In the first sequence appears the name of Rachel Ray. Women who have four cooking program on television has some 18 million dollars of income.

2.Wolfgang Puck

Behind the name of Rachel Ray, there was a man named Wolfgang Puck chef with an income of 16 million dollars per year. Austrian-born chef is entering the world of celebrity chefs from the Ritzy Los Angeles restaurant in 1982.

3.Gordon Ramsay

Income 7.5 million dollars per year. British chef has his own restaurant in London, New York and Dubai.

4.Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

Income 5 million dollars per year. Chef with specialization shusi started his career as a fish cutter in Tokyo, Peru, Argentina and Alaska. Nobuyuki now become a partner of the ownership of 17 Nobu restaurants around the world.

5. Alain Ducasse

A French chef is the owner of the restaurant empire, with 22 restaurants stretching from Tokyo to Paris. According to Forbes magazine notes, Ducasse has a revenue of 5 million dollars per year

6. Paula Deen

Queen of the South American food is handle 2 full cooking show with motherhood. Loyal audience continues to grow day after day, not only that, the recipe book, memoir and magazine are also all included in the series best-seller.

7. Mario Batali

This man dropped out of culinary school. However batali not give up so easily, he is now known as the master of Italian food and has 13 retoran in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Income per year to reach 3 million U.S. dollars.

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